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Brow Henna Products

Thick and full eyebrows - the ideal of beauty

The time is over when you have plucked your eyebrow from above to wear it as narrow as possible. Now the eyebrows are colored in with powder and pencils, painted on or, for those who find it too tedious, permanently pigmented or scratched into the skin using microblading.

Brow henna is also a good method if you want permanent eyebrow pigmentation, but are still unsure about the shape. Since the durability of the brow henna paint on the skin lasts about two weeks, the customer has time to let the new shape take effect.

Brow correction with brow henna

Henna is a red-yellow dye that is obtained from the leaves of the henna (Lawsonia inermis). An essential component of henna is the pigment "Lawson", which is responsible for the characteristic color. The dye is obtained by drying the leaves of the plant and grinding them into a fine powder.

The ancient Egyptians already knew henna as a vegetable dye and used it to dye their hair, nails and fingers. Even today, henna is used in cosmetics - with us primarily to dye the hair. In other countries and cultures, such as India, henna is often used on special occasions, for example at a wedding. The hands are decorated with elaborate mehndi painting, often with symbolically or ritually important ornaments.

The henna color works on the eyebrows as follows:

The area around the brows is first freed of oil and make-up residues, for example with a gentle peeling and shampoo. In the second step, the desired brow shape is drawn and a natural color is selected - ashy nuances are also possible. Finally, the desired shape is drawn on the skin with a fine brush and any gaps are filled visually. After an exposure time of about 20 minutes, you can remove excess color.

The natural substances not only visually condense the brows and compensate for asymmetrical shapes, but in contrast to chemical colorants, they are particularly nourishing and give the existing hairs more firmness and shine. The color result - and this is typical for henna brow - can be comparatively intense on the day of application, but this will fade after a short time. After that, the result just looks beautiful and very natural. The henna brow color remains visible on the skin for about two weeks and on the hairs for about 6-8 weeks. The application should be renewed after about six weeks.

The particularly skin-friendly dye works on a water basis and is without ammonia. This makes the product also suitable for sensitive skin types.

More and more cosmetic studios and brow bars are now successfully offering henna brow styling.

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